​Technology is taking a new level around the world making the world a better and more efficient as well as cost effective place to live. One major activity is the development of the biogas digesters.

A bio digester is a chamber for conversion of matter into energy through  decomposition by micro organisms in an anaerobic state. The input which is technically known as waste is fed into the digester to produce a biogas, consisting of methane, carbon dioxide and traces of other contaminant gases. The biogas can be directly used as fuel and the by product waste was organic fertilizers.

This activity was part of the internship training organised by the Institute of Industrial Research (IIR) ;one of the Thirteen (13) leading institutes  under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research  (CSIR). The six weeks training saw students from the University of Ghana, Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the University of Cape Coast and the Accra and Takoradi polytechnics.

The model which was built by the institute was experimented on at  the Industrial Processing Research division  (IPRD) of the institute under the supervision of Mr.Maweana Aggey, the department’s head, who was very much impressed about the project. 


Commenting on some of the challenges hindering the activities of the Institute, staffs attributed  Finance and Government policies as major challenges. Biogas digesters according to experts are economically viable and environmentally friendly as well and hence advocates for government to take it seriously.

By: Adjartey Kwasi Philip 



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